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Shortcut to Happiness

IMDb 5.5 106 min
In the literary world, Jabez Stone (Alec Baldwin) is a down and out writer trying to make the big time in New York. Saddened, he has no luck with women and his best friend Julius (Dan Akroyd) has just gloated to him that he sold his novel to Webster books. Jealous of Julius, and with is long string of bad luck, he promises to sell his soul to the Devil (Jennifer Love Hewitt) in exchange for success. The Devil immediately fixes everything and he becomes famous, has success with women, and a career that fulfills his wildest dreams! With the help of Constance Hurry (Kim Cattrall) Jabez is on the fast track to the top. However, the view from the top isn't as good as what he thought it would be. Time is running out fast on his 10-year contract for his soul. Having realized his mistake, Jabez must enlist the help of Daniel Webster (Anthony Hopkins) who offers him a chance to break the contract with the devil and try to save his mortal soul...
Drama, Comedy, Fantasy
Dan Aykroyd, Alec Baldwin, Virl Andrick, Ray Aranha, Kaniel Arocho, Jorge Arocho, Mary Ashton, Howard Atlee
Alec Baldwin
United States
8.1 / 12 times
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