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Manchester by the Sea

IMDb 7.8 137 min
In Quincy, the quiet and ruthless janitor and handyman Lee Chandler is summoned by George (a family friend) to come home to Manchester By The Sea when Lee's older brother Joe is again in hospital after another heart attack. Arriving just after Joe dies, Lee makes arrangements for the funeral with George then seeks to inform his sixteen-year-old nephew Patrick, who's at the hockey practice. They go to the morgue and then head to Joe's lawyer to learn his will. To Lee's surprised, Joe has named him to be Patrick's guardian. Lee is reluctant, neither wanting to stay in Manchester nor deliver his nephew to his alcoholic mother Elise, and decides to bring Patrick with him to Quincy. Patrick, however, does not want to leave his life in the town. While planning Joe's burial and funeral, Lee is haunted by his past in Manchester, where he happily lived with his wife Randi and their three children until the night of a tragedy with his family. What will be his final decision?
Kyle Chandler, Casey Affleck, Missy Yager, Stephen Henderson, Ben OBrien, Richard Donelly, Virginia Loring Cooke, Quincy Tyler Bernstine
Kenneth Lonergan
United States
7.2 / 745 times
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